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Apartments:12'000per hour

Escort:14'000per hour

And for free, and even more so for money, men want only the prettiest and most beautiful prostitutes of St. Petersburg to lie in their beds. There is no more need to search through a lot of sites in search of a cute face.

Beautiful individuals of St. Petersburg are good in everything — first of all, a well-groomed face, whose features are also successfully laid down by nature. Natural beauty has a place to be, but some prostitutes in St. Petersburg artificially make the lips a little plumper, and the nose turned up and small. 

The body of beautiful prostitutes in St. Petersburg is also monitored: first, with the help of diets and sports. Thanks to the fact that they use scrubs, wraps and masks, you can take off a beautiful whore with flawless skin that is pleasant to touch. The most beautiful prostitutes in St. Petersburg behave appropriately, so that the man's interest is enhanced not only visually. Cute prostitutes are always helpful, flirtatious, know what manners and speeches to adhere to. This also applies to the service: sex services are selected for each client individually. 

How to order girls? Very simple: beauty prostitutes will have sex for money immediately after calling the number specified in each questionnaire. During the consultation, you will be able to agree on how and where exactly sex leisure will take place in St. Petersburg.

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