Elite prostitutes of Saint Petersburg and whores of St. Petersburg





Apartments:6'000per hour

Escort:8'000per hour

If you want to relax your body and soul in the company of real ladies, then you need to visit elite prostitutes in St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, a cohort of ladies is always ready to provide sex for money. And, these are not cheap whores in St. Petersburg, but true professionals of their business, because it is for their professionalism that they get paid. There is no prohibition in sex, there are no restrictions in the choice of intimate services, that's what the elite of prostitution in St. Petersburg is. Girls from our salon are always represented by real photos and videos, because we count on the fact that the product must be submitted correctly and truthfully, why deceive the client?  The fact that it does not matter if you want to call a prostitute to yourself or come to us - the photo will coincide with the reality.

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