Sex salon with sauna Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg





Apartments:10'000per hour

Escort:12'000per hour

Prostitutes of St. Petersburg have always been famous for their ability to deliver pleasure to men, and the VIP sauna in the Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg is a great place for entertainment and, it is there that the premium prostitute of St. Petersburg Zoya invites you to visit!

Why look for just a sauna 24\7, if you can come to our sex salon in St. Petersburg, which is already equipped with everything you need? Our salon has beautiful apartments, a swimming pool and a VIP sauna. The menu of our bar will pleasantly surprise you, and in the company of a charismatic and temperamental, expensive prostitute of St. Petersburg, you will experience indescribable pleasure. If you want - Zoya will make an erotic massage and fulfill all your fantasies.

Prostitutes of St. Petersburg and our VIP sauna on Vasilievsky Island are waiting for you!!!

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