Apartments:27'000per hour

Escort:30'000per hour

Prostitutes in the sex salon of St. Petersburg are almost around the clock, unless, of course, they have already been taken away by someone for sleepless nights. However, you can always find someone to have fun with. 

Males understand that sex salon of St. Petersburg should be chosen not with the soul, but with something harder. When you see our prostitutes of the Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg, you immediately want to master them, and even more than once.

From this Saint Petersburg prostitute and her juicy photos just tear your pants. She loves active men who are tuned to the wave of passion wherever they want: at home, in a cafe or our sex salon in St. Petersburg.

A beautiful prostitute is waiting in the sex salon of St. Petersburg Vasileostrovsky district. With it, you can try all the poses of the Kama Sutra, even the most complex and almost unreal. She will give her body as much as necessary: until she sucks all the juices out of the client.

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